Residencies / Art Projects

For The Exhaustives 2000
Self funded [Island Intervention]


In 1999 when I was utterly housebound for about six months I became interested in making art interventions with the help of able-bodied collaborators. In this piece, my only illegal art activity (I think) I had a piece of aluminium cut with the mantra “If I don’t wind down on a night, I will continue to be ill” placed on a remote islet in an unnamed loch, with the hope of visiting it when well. These three hurried snaps were taken by my collaborator.


There are few images from the event as my collaborator had to move fast and this image is the only remaining record of the mantra remaining in situ (it has now been removed). The mantra is repeated 21 times, a significant number for me and in some Buddhist circles.


For those of you who really know your UK landscapes, here is a teasing view of a the context in which mantra and islet sit. I made this work ‘for the exhaustives’ of the M.E. community.