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The Erica Tetralix Polyfaith Map of Edinburgh 2005
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‘Polyfaith’ was the beginning of a ‘psychogeographic trilogy’ that linked the two tours of Edinburgh (linked above) and one tour of an English village (Surreal Steyning) commissioned by The Steyning Festival and Marscape, funded by The Arts Council of England.

In all the tours, various suggestive techniques are invoked to make residents of their own towns see the sights anew. The background to all these projects was chronic illness. I reasoned that if I could use psychogeography to make unearth previously ignored aspects of the towns, then perhaps I could develop the work to become meaningful in the houses of the chronically ill and incarcerated.

A further test in this direction was initiated in 2011 with the work “
Moons, or These Knots are Not Knots” which attempts to transform a humdrum chest of drawers into the planet Jupiter and it’s four primary moons. In all these tours, there were live paid bus and foot tours and downloadable versions of the work to explore when I had finished the projects.

Polyfaith also saw a lecture at Stills in Edinburgh and has been written about in PhD doctorates and academic papers. Made whilst I was unwell, over a six month period it was my most successful piece of conceptual art. Original maps from Polyfaith are still available by emailing